Pediatric Heart Transplant Steps

A child’s doctors will consider a heart transplant when medicines and other procedures cannot keep the child healthy.

Steps for a Pediatric Heart Transplant

The Children’s Heart Transplant team will discuss each step with the child and his family.

Step 1
The child’s doctor refers him to Children’s. The child’s doctor must state the child’s need for a pediatric heart transplant.

Step 2
Our financial counselors get financial approval for the child’s transplant evaluation and for the pediatric heart transplant.

Step 3
Once we receive financial approval, we will call the family to schedule a pre-transplant evaluation date. A transplant evaluation is a series of tests. These tests help the Children’s Heart Transplant team decide if a pediatric heart transplant is the best option for the child. The heart transplant team will help the family understand the child’s options.

Step 4
The child will have a transplant evaluation at Children’s at Egleston. This is usually takes one or two days. It is either done as an outpatient visit or while the child is in the hospital.

Step 5
Based on the evaluation, the pediatric heart transplant doctors and team will decide if a heart transplant is the best option for the child. If a pediatric heart transplant is an option for the child, the child’s name is placed on the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) waiting list.

Step 6
The child waits to be matched with a heart from the UNOS list.

Step 7
After he is matched, the child has pediatric heart transplant surgery. He will stay in the hospital for about 10 to 14 days.

Step 8
The child will receive follow-up care with the heart transplant team at Children's at Egleston after his pediatric heart transplant surgery.