Transplant Evaluation

If the child’s doctor decides that pediatric heart transplant should be considered, the child and family will be referred to the pediatric heart transplant team for an evaluation. The transplant heart evaluation is a series of tests that helps doctors decide if a heart transplant is the best option for the child.

The Children’s Heart Transplant coordinator will schedule the child’s heart transplant evaluation. This will be done at Children’s at Egleston either as an outpatient visit or while the child is in the hospital. The Children’s Heart Transplant coordinator will schedule tests and meetings with the pediatric heart transplant team during your visit. They will work closely with the family during the entire process.

Parents should plan to stay for the entire one or two days of the pre-transplant evaluation. 

Preparing for a Transplant Evaluation

To help ensure that the pre-transplant evaluation goes as smoothly as possible:

  • Bring a copy of your insurance benefits and insurance identification (I.D.) card. Also bring your deductible and co-payment amounts.
  • The child must have a pediatrician. Bring the doctor’s name and phone number to the pre-transplant evaluation.
  • Arrive on time. If you and the child are late, we may need to reschedule the visit.
  • Please leave other young children and siblings at home. Your focus needs to be learning about the pediatric heart transplant. We will want your family to take part in follow-up clinic visits in the future.
  • Call your pediatrician to make sure that the child’s immunization (shot) records are up to date. Please bring a copy of the immunization record with you.
  • Bring your child's social security card. This number remains confidential, but is required for listing a patient on UNOS.

What Happens During a Transplant Evaluation