Heart Transplant Clinic Visits

On the day the child goes home, the Children’s Heart Transplant coordinator will set up his next appointment for an office visit and a heart biopsy or lab work. Follow-up heart transplant clinic visits are vital to the child’s care when he is well and ill. Even when the child is well, infection and rejection can occur. There are not always signs or complaints to show a problem. Every child is different. Parents should talk to their child’s doctor so they can learn about the treatment plan and any problems that may arise.

An office visit includes seeing the Children’s Heart Transplant coordinator, who will do a physical exam and review all of the child’s medicines.

  • The Children’s Heart Transplant coordinator will ask questions about the child’s vital signs, energy level, appetite, breathing, swelling of feet or face and activities.
  • This is a great time for to ask any questions.
  • Do not give the child his morning cyclosporine or tacrolimus until after the heart biopsy or lab work.
  • Bring all of the child’s medicines and medicine bottles to the hospital so you can give them to the child after the heart biopsy or lab work.
  • The Children’s Heart Transplant team will also use them to check the child’s current dose and see if it needs to be changed.