Children’s Teen Heart Transplant Clinic

The teen years can be hard, especially after a transplant. 

Young adults with heart transplants are confronted with a unique set of stressors in addition to the normal stress that teenagers face every day. 

The Children’s Heart Transplant Adolescent Program helps make the change to adulthood as smooth as possible by having a Teen Clinic.


  • Teens older than 14 who have been transplanted for at least one year must participate.
  • The teen clinic is offered monthly (every 4th Tuesday of the month) and each teen will be required to attend two clinics per year. 
  • Teens will spend time with each member of the multidisciplinary team.
  • Teens learn to become independent with their medical care. 

Did You Know?

Adolescent developmental issues complicate teens' transition toward taking responsibility for managing their illness and learning to comply with recommended treatment after transplant. Learn more about helping teens cope effectively.

About the Adolescent Heart Transplant Clinic

The Children’s Adolescent Heart Transplant Clinic for teenage heart transplant recipients provides:

  • More comprehensive, individualized care
  • Opportunities for independence (Teenagers are seen without their parents for most of the clinic visit.)
  • Resources for coping with a transplant
  • Age-appropriate healthcare education
  • Tour of Emory for those patients who are preparing to transition to an adult facility (Our patients must be transferred to an adult center before turning 21.) 

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide young adult heart transplant recipients with education and experiences that will encourage a successful and healthy future. The Children’s Adolescent Heart Transplant Clinic also provides teenagers with information and resources to help them think and live as independent adults.

More Information

Call 404-785-6395 to enroll in the Adolescent Heart Transplant Clinic or obtain more information.