Family Support Services

Care for the Whole Child and Family

Patient with parentsThe Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Carlos and Marguerite Mason Transplant Center cares about the whole child and family. 

This means helping a child physically, emotionally and spiritually, if needed. 

Since a child’s life is centered on his/her family, a crucial element of recovery is supporting the family as a whole.

  • Educational and Psychosocial Support 
    Providing educational, emotional and psychological support for a sick child is an important part of the healing process.
  • In-Hospital Programming 
    Our caregivers, volunteers and hospital programs strive to make a child's stay as comfortable as possible.
  • Financial Counseling  
    Assisting families in understanding their insurance benefits and obligations.
  • Traveling Families and Visitors
    Information and resources for families traveling great distances to receive transplant care, including transitional housing options.
  • Support Groups 
    Helping transplant patients and families to know they are not alone.
  • Adolescent Clinics 
    Children's is dedicated to providing the resources to help make the transition to adulthood as smooth as possible.
  • Programs and Events 
    Camps and other events offer many therapeutic benefits for children and families who are dealing with a transplant.