Multiple Listings

Multi-Center Transplant Listing

A multiple listing is when your child is placed on the national transplant wait list at more than one center. We are available to speak with you or your child’s doctor to discuss a multiple listing.

  • What are the benefits of multiple listing?
    Due to a shortage of organ donors across the country, multiple listing may shorten the time your child spends on the transplant wait list.
  • Is it ok to be listed at multiple centers?
    Both the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) and the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) allow multiple listings. It is up to the individual transplant center on whether or not to multiple list a patient.
  • Does my child have to live the in the same place as the multi-list center?
    No, your child does not have to live the in same state or region.
  • Are costs associated with multiple listings covered by insurance?
    Contact your insurance provider to learn more about your specific plan.
  • How do a get my child multiple listed at Children’s?
    Families and/or referring physicians can call 800-605-6175 to speak with someone from the transplant team regarding multiple listing.

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