Day rehab length of stay

Patients in our Day Rehabilitation Program have an average length of stay of 35.8 days.

What does this mean?
In 2014, our patients spent 35.8 days in our program on average. This is similar to the national average.

Why is this important?
A shorter length of stay means that patients completed their rehab program and returned home.

How does Children’s make sure we are giving high-quality care?

  • We give complete care in a team-based approach, including pediatric-trained doctors, nurses, therapists, social worker, certified teachers and a vocational rehab counselor.
  • Working with the team, our certified teachers help patients prepare to transition to school using real-life situations, focusing on age-appropriate goals and activities.
  • We also provide guidance to caregivers to help their child when returning to school to ensure each patient receives the proper resources and care.
  • Our social workers provide resources to assist with transition back to community. For patients returning to work, our program offers vocational rehabilitation and counseling.

Patient length of stay is reported by Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation (UDSMR). UDSMR compares our Day Rehabilitation Program to other pediatric programs in the nation.