Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic RecreationNo one ever said rehabilitation could not be fun. For our patients in our Inpatient Rehabilitation Program, we provide recreational activities that promote cognitive, motor, social and emotional recovery through the patient’s interests. Therapeutic recreation can help patients return to the activities they enjoyed before their hospitalization and introduce them to new activities.

Our therapists work with children, adolescents and teens using:

  • Individual treatment sessions–With one-on-one interaction, our patients can increase their strength and endurance with positive, active and healthy leisure choices.
  • Group treatment sessions–In a group setting, patients are encouraged through peer interaction. This helps them adapt socially.
  • Community outings–These outings give our patients a chance to become aware of their abilities while improving their functional independence. During the outings, patients can learn new skills that will prepare them to return to school and the community. Our therapists coordinate the outings to match the specific needs of each patient and to involve parents and caregivers.
  • Therapeutic play–This helps patients get used to their surroundings in inpatient rehabilitation and allow them to heal while having fun.
  • Adaptive sports–Children’s Adaptive Sports Program is designed to help children and teens with disabilities find sports they enjoy and can play safely. These may include wheelchair basketball, quad rugby and power soccer.
  • Adaptive technology–Our patients have access to technology like adaptive video game controllers, sports equipment, fishing poles, toys, switch-operated digital cameras and bowling ramps.

    For students interested in becoming certified therapeutic recreation specialists, we offer internship and observation opportunities.


Helpful Websites

Visit these websites for more information on what therapeutic recreation can offer.