Programming A Cochlear Implant

A Unique Experience for Each Child

Each implant must be specifically programmed, or “mapped,” for each patient. Our audiologist is the person who programs the device. 

Programming the sound processor involves working with your child to develop unique sets of intensity levels for each frequency, or pitch. In other words, we determine the power levels required by the cochlear implant to stimulate the nerves and be perceived, or “heard,” by your child at certain frequencies.

Every child reacts differently to the initial stimulation. Some children cry, others laugh and some do not give any indication that they are hearing. There is no way to predict how your child will respond that first day; however, after a few weeks of use, most children tolerate their implant and respond to sounds. Initial stimulation may be completed over a 1-2 day period.

Follow-up visits

During the first few months, your child will be seen by the team audiologist often for mapping. Typically children are seen at their initial stimulation, one week after stimulation and then two weeks after that. If your child is adjusting well, appointments may be scheduled once every three months. Eventually most children are seen for mapping about two times a year.