Driver’s Education Simulator Given to Day Rehab

Children's Day Rehabilitation Program now has a 21st Century Driver's Education simulator thanks to the Joshua Brown Foundation. This simulator is similar to ones currently utilized by students in Georgia who are enrolled in driver’s education. The 21st Century Driver’s Education was developed by the Joshua Brown Foundation and is considered a revolutionary way to teach driver’s education by experts and researchers in the field.

The Driver Rehab Program is for patients who have had a life-changing medical event that leaves some question regarding the patient’s ability to safely return to driving an automobile. The program evaluates a patient’s driving skills through clinical evaluation and behind-the-wheel assessment and training. The simulator will greatly enhance the program by providing a safe, secure environment to practice skills prior to proceeding to behind-the-wheel activities.

The Joshua Brown Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, is the author of Joshua’s Law in Georgia and creator of 21st Century Driver’s Education. The foundation was founded by Alan and LuGina Brown after losing their son in a 2003 car accident. It has been the goal of the foundation to reduce the number of teen driving injuries and deaths by installing 21st Century Driver’s Education in the Georgia public high school system. Since the foundation began, Georgia has seen a tremendous drop in teen fatalities and injuries and it is the goal of the foundation for that trend to continue.