Brain Injury Program

The goal of our Brain Injury Program is to get patients to the functional level necessary to return home and to the community as quickly as possible. For more than two decades, we have taught parents and caregivers how to help children progress during recovery.

Our program is designed specifically for patients experiencing difficulties as a result of a brain injury or other related neurological conditions. Benefits include:

Every brain injury results in a series of challenges—some greater than others. Children, adolescents and teens who have suffered a brain injury need specialized rehabilitation to regain their skills and abilities and address new challenges resulting from their injury.

Patients need an individualized and progressive treatment plan to help them succeed and reach their full potential. We provide support for patients and their families with therapeutic recreation, education and counseling.

  • We provide a comprehensive and individualized approach to treating patients, from birth to age 21, with a dual diagnosis of spinal cord and brain injuries


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    Our Brain Injury Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) with specialty recognition in:

    • Brain Injury Specialty Program
    • Pediatric specialty program

    To earn accreditation, we had to demonstrate that our programs maintain the highest measurable standards and accountability.