Pediatric Seating and Mobility Center

Working with Families to Keep Children Moving Comfortably

We understand that motor, cognitive and sensory impairments do not always prevent a child from having some control over their movement and environment. The Seating and Mobility Center, part of our Assistive Technology Program, evaluates mobility equipment for children, teens and young adults, from birth to age 21.

Children require equipment that is age appropriate. Pediatric seating is a specialty area. Children need to be evaluated by therapists who:

  • Understand the importance of mobility in development.
  • Understand normal and atypical development.
  • Are up-to-date with changes in technology and the options available.

We have the expertise and experience to meet each patient’s special needs. Your child’s therapist will choose the proper equipment based on a number of factors, like transportation considerations and home accessibility.


Evaluation of your child’s current equipment and recommendations for changes or modifications include:

  • Custom seating systems, wheelchairs and other mobility equipment, such as gait trainers and walkers
  • Power mobility, including alternative access when a traditional joystick is not an option
  • Equipment to assist activities of daily living, such as bath chairs and lifts
  • Custom-molded seating and positioning systems to accommodate severe deformity and children that are difficult to position
  • Computerized pressure mapping to determine optimal seat cushion prescription for a child with skin breakdown or pain

A doctor’s referral is required for a child to be evaluated. Children’s does not sell or provide equipment. A custom rehab equipment supplier will participate in the evaluation and, with the evaluating therapist, discuss equipment options.

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