Comprehensive Technology

Helping to Encourage Independence
in Children, Teens and Young Adults

We use various forms of innovative technology to help build our patients' independence. They include:

Augmentive communication
Alternative communication options encourage independence. They include:

  • Picture boards
  • Communication books
  • Speech-generating devices
  • Laptop computers with adapted software or applications
  • Extensive inventory of switches, joysticks and eye-gaze accessories

Computer access
Advanced computer systems help patients with computer and technical skills. They include:

  • Specially designed keyboards
  • Adaptive mouse technology
  • Voice input or switches

Seating and mobility 
Adaptive seating helps increase mobility, independence and access to assistive technologies. This includes evaluating the child's need for:

  • Custom seating systems
  • Wheelchairs
  • Powered mobility equipment and training
  • Standers and gait trainers
  • Equipment to assist activities of daily living

Seating and mobility also writes the detailed certification of medical necessity for recommended equipment. This is helpful in obtaining funding.


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