Meet Seth Edwards & Drew Andrews

Two former patients from the Children’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Program, Drew Andrews and Seth Edwards, became stars for a day when they performed at The VOICE broadcast studio at Children’s at Egleston.

The VOICE was launched by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and has hosted many stars, including American Idol favorites Crystal Bowersox, Kellie Pickler and Kimberly Caldwell, and other well-known artist. Andrews and Edwards’ performance and interview was broadcast to all the patient rooms at our Egleston, Scottish Rite and Hughes Spalding hospitals. 

In 2005, Andrews was in a dirt bike accident and sustained life-threatening injuries. With a traumatic brain injury, loss of his left eye and a broken left arm he was transferred to the Children’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Program. During his time at Children’s, music therapist Beth Collier helped him rekindle his interest in guitar during his music therapy sessions. 

No longer able to ride dirt bikes or play contact sports, Drew began to focus on music and playing his guitar.  At first playing guitar was difficult, but his determination paid off. He was able to play and sing in his church's youth band. Drew, now 19, attends Georgia College and enjoys returning to Children’s to help mentor other patients.

Edwards was driving when his car hydroplaned and was hit by an incoming car in May 2011. He suffered a short loss of consciousness and two days later began experience tingling and weakness in his legs. He soon lost the ability to move both his legs. During his stay in inpatient rehabilitation, Seth was able to work with music therapist Cori Snyder to use his guitar skills to help motivate him and other patients. 

Seth and DrewAfter meeting Andrews, the two put their musical skills together to perform for the Children’s at Scottish Rite Chapel and visit The VOICE. Edwards, now discharged from inpatient rehabilitation, is looking into the becoming a music therapist. He also looks forward to coming back to mentor other patients.