Frequently Asked Questions - Outpatients

Outpatient FAQs

  • How do I contact the local rehabilitation center regarding questions or problems?
  • A patient in our practice is in need of a physical, occupational, speech therapy and/or audiology evaluation. How do I set this up?
      Fax a copy of the doctor’s written order or completed rehab prescription form to 404-785-7113. Be sure to include the patient’s name, date of birth, medical diagnosis, ICD9 code and treatment needed, along with the physician's name and license number, date, phone and fax numbers. If you have a copy of the patient's insurance or Medicaid card, please send this as well.

      Instruct the patient's parent or guardian to contact the rehabilitation scheduling department at 404-785-7100 or complete the online appointment request form. Be sure the patient family knows which type of therapy the doctor is ordering for the patient and their medical diagnosis. After a family completes the online form, our schedulers will call back within two business days to confirm the appointment.

      Children's will provide you with Rehab Services prescription pads. Complete the online prescription pad request form to order these forms.

  • A parent is not sure what is involved in the therapy evaluation the doctor has ordered. What can I tell them?
  • A patient of our practice is scheduled for a therapy evaluation at one of your sites but they need to reschedule. Who do the parents call?

      Instruct the patient’s parent or guardian to contact the site directly. View our Rehabilitation Phone Numbers to find the phone number of the appropriate rehab center.

  • I continue to get calls requesting prescriptions be faxed to one of your sites, but we have already faxed them to Children's.
      If the patient is at the site awaiting an appointment we do need you to refax the order. If this is an ongoing problem, please make a list of each patient’s name and DOB. Then, please contact your physician liaison to inform them of the issue and provide the list of patients.
  • We have run out of the prescription pad and/or appointment cards. How can we order more?
  • We have a patient who needs a speech evaluation. What do I do?
      If the patient has not had or has not passed a hearing screening or test in the past 6 months, the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) requires one be performed prior to a speech evaluation. Please include Audiology on the order for this patient and our scheduling department will schedule the patient appropriately.