Focus on Radiation Safety

radiation safety

At Children’s, our pediatric-trained radiologists work to ensure every child has the least amount of radiation with every scan, while making sure our images are clear and actionable. There are several different ways radiation can be used to help children medically. Radiation can be used for imaging or for therapy.

Diagnostic imaging techniques using radiation include X-rays, computed tomography (CT) scans, and nuclear medicine studies.

To keep children safer, our team uses some of the lowest possible radiation doses in the country. The Radiology Department at Children's:

  • Utilizes advanced technology to reduce radiation doses by up to 50% compared to adult facilities
  • Uses special age and weight specific techniques to make sure the right dose of radiation is used with each exam

  • Follows Image Gently and ALARA (As Low As Reasonable Achievable) guidelines for reducing radiation exposure

  • Ensures Radiologists and Technologists are recertified in pediatric-specific guidelines once a year, and Technologists hold advanced certifications from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists in their specialty area (such as CT)

  • Conducts annual inspections of all equipment to ensure safe operation and the lowest possible exposure to radiation

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