Sleep Questionnaire

Does your child have a sleep disorder?

Answer the following questions with a yes or no to find out.

  1. Does your child snore or have noisy breathing at night?
  2. Is the snoring loud enough to hear in the next room?
  3. Are there pauses followed by gasps, snorts or deep breaths?
  4. Does your child have problems with being sleepy during daytime, like falling asleep at school?
  5. Does your child have problems concentrating and getting work done in class?
  6. Does your child have difficulty falling asleep at bedtime?
  7. Does your child frequently wake up during the night?
  8. Does your child wake up confused and screaming in the middle of the night?
  9. Does your child sleepwalk?
  10. Hs anyone in your family been diagnosed with a sleep disorder?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, talk to your child’s doctor.