Resources For Professionals

Our goal is to help facilitate your recognition of pediatric sleep disorders, and make it easy for you to access our services.

  • Making a Referral
    Call 404-785-2974 to refer a patient to the Children’s Sleep Center or download the polysomnogram (PSG) order form and fax to 404-785-2211.
  • Talk with a sleep specialist
    If you have further questions that you would like to discuss with a Children's sleep specialist call 404-785-2974.
  • Talking to Parents  
    Parents may not be aware they can discuss their child’s sleep problems with you. So, as the child’s primary care provider, you need to screen for sleep disorders and encourage healthy sleep habits the same way you promote a healthy diet, exercise and other good habits. So, how can you screen for the myriad of sleep disorders during a busy office visit?
  • Handouts for Parents and Patients
    Print-friendly tip sheets to help you address a variety of sleep related questions.
  • In-service with a Children’s Sleep Expert
    We would be pleased to visit your office and provide an overview of common pediatric sleep disorders, or discuss a more specific sleep topic you would find useful.

Forms for Professionals