Unplanned return

In 2014, 2.1 percent of our patients have returned to Children's within 30 days of their procedure for complications.

What does this data mean?
It is our goal to make sure children have as few complications as possible after their surgery. So when they go home, they can stay home. 

Why do we track unplanned visits after surgery?
The healing process is still occurring when you go home. We want every child to get the most benefit out of their surgeries and be able to return to their normal activities. These rates show us how many children had to come back to Children’s after their surgeries because of more pain or an infection. Keeping track of why patients return helps us see if there are ways we can make our care better.

How does Children’s help ensure we are providing high-quality care?

  • We monitor complications and compare ourselves to other surgery centers.
  • We work with specialists, doctors and nurses with pediatric experience.
  • We review a patient’s information, and we contact parents if we need more details.
  • The anesthesiologists specialize in taking care of the youngest patients and know how to put them safely to sleep.