Serious surgical event

A serious surgical event is a major error during surgery. 

What does this data mean?
Over five years and more than 190,000 surgeries, less than 1 percent of our patients have had a serious event during surgery.

Why do we track serious surgical events?
No child should ever have a serious surgical event while at Children’s. So we track how our patients are doing. The staff at Children’s works hard to take safety measure to lessen the risk to patients and help make sure they have the desired outcome.

How does Children’s help ensure we are providing high-quality care?

  • We use a Safe Surgery Checklist to help ensure surgeons have what they need before, during and after surgery.
  • We always check our performance by comparing ourselves to other hospitals.
  • We work with specialists, doctors and nurses with pediatric experience.
  • We review a patient’s information, and we contact parents if we need more details.
  • The anesthesiologists specialize in taking care of the youngest patients and know how to put them safely to sleep.