Likelihood to recommend

This graph shows that most patient families would recommend Children’s to friends and family.*

What does this data mean?
Ninety-three percent of patient families would recommend Children’s for surgery.*

Why do we track this?
We want to hear from every family that comes to us for treatment. That’s why we survey our surgery patients to ask them about everything from the parking to the bedside manner of the doctors and nurses. We review all comments to make improvements to our care.

How does Children’s help ensure we are providing high-quality care?

  • We monitor complications and compare ourselves to other surgery centers.
  • We work with specialists, doctors and nurses with pediatric experience.
  • We review a patient’s information, and we contact parents if we need more details.
  • The anesthesiologists specialize in taking care of the youngest patients and know how to put them safely to sleep.

*Percent only includes patients who returned surveys.