Prenatal Visits

Meet Your Baby's Surgeon and Ask Questions

We encourage prenatal visits and are very happy to meet with expectant parents to discuss surgical problems that have been diagnosed prenatally. 

Occasionally, an ultrasound will show anomalies that will require surgical repair after the baby is born. In very rare instances, intrauterine surgery may be needed. 


The prenatal visit gives you a chance to meet the surgeon who will be taking care of your baby and ask questions. We are specialists in neonatal surgery and can explain the surgical conditions to expectant parents. 

We will discuss: 
1. How the condition occurred 
2. How it is affecting the development of the baby 
3. What other problems might be associated with this condition 
4. The options for the mode and place of delivery (C-section versus vaginal delivery) 
5. How the baby will be treated immediately after delivery 
6. How the baby will be transported to Children's hospital for surgery 
7. What we will do at the time of surgery 
8. Potential complications of the surgical procedure 
9. The short- and long-term prognosis for the baby 

More Information

Children's offers several resources for new parents.