Will Holland

When 4-year-old Will Holland came out of his bedroom crying, asking his mother, Adrienne, to push an object protruding from his stomach back in, Adrienne was terrified. The Johns Creek mom rushed Will to his pediatrician, who suggested she take him to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Emergency Department.

Joseph Bussey, M.D., a pediatric surgeon at Children’s, evaluated Will and diagnosed him with a hernia. Will needed surgery. Fortunately for Will and his family, Dr. Bussey was able to perform the surgery the same week. After the outpatient procedure, Will was able to move and function the very next day.

“I always associated Children’s with really sick, chronically ill kids,” said Adrienne. “What I realized during this experience is that all families get red carpet treatment at Children’s—no matter what the child is going through. No one minimized my concern. The staff at Children’s took excellent care of Will, but also of us. There was never a moment when I didn’t know what was going on in the operating room. As a concerned mom, that is very reassuring.”

A week after the hernia surgery, Will was back to being a normal four-year-old. He is on the swim team, loves karate and is excited to play flag football in the fall.

Adrienne remains grateful for the high level of care he received at Children’s. "Will needed surgery, and that is a frightening thought for a parent,” said Adrienne. "But faced with that situation, I wouldn’t take him anywhere other than Children’s.”