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Find out about some of the research, recoveries and advances being featured in local and national media.

Day Surgery Photo Tours

Take a step-by-step photo tour of your child's day surgery center at our four pediatric outpatient surgery center locations:

  • Meet Ansley

    Ear tubes have eliminated Ansley's once-frequent bouts with ear infections.

  • Meet Eason After his surgery, he said, "I’ve never felt this good playing baseball."
  • Meet Jacob

    Doctors were able to open Jacob’s esophagus allowing him to breathe normally.

  • Meet Jordan When Jordan hits the mat, he will be breathing easy and with fewer headaches.
  • Meet Olivia

    Minimally invasive surgery techniques made for a faster recovery for Olivia.

  • Meet Will

    A week after hernia surgery, Will was back to being a normal 4-year-old.