Egleston Hospital


Our pediatric surgeons are highly specialized and trained to deliver the best possible care. For the protection of our patients and families during flu season, please review the updated visitor guidelines prior to your visit.

Before You Arrive

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    Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston Entrance to Egleston
    Check-in Waiting Room
    Registration Desk Pre-operative Area/Room
    Nursing Station Operating Room
    Post Anesthesia Care Unit/PACU or Recovery Room Post-operative Room

    Our child-friendly facilities feature state-of-the-art operating rooms, pediatric surgery equipment specifically designed to meet a child’s unique needs, pre-op playrooms, cheery surroundings and comprehensive pain management for infants to young adults, creating a more positive surgery experience for children while maintaining excellent surgical outcomes.


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    Children Reception desk/check in
    Waiting room Triage
    Holding room/vitals Anesthesia department
    Surgeon Child Life
    Versed/Hospital Gown Route to Operating room
    Scrubs Mask
    IV Recovery
    Holding Room Leaving
    Staying overnight Playroom
    Photo Tour

    Any surgery or medical procedure is a big event in a child's life. Studies show that children cope better when they are well prepared ahead of time. Share these photos with your child to help him visualize his upcoming surgery.


    Video: Surgery at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta – What You Need to Know

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    We know it's scary when your child needs surgery. Every surgery is serious. Learn more about surgery at Children's.


    Surgeons at Egleston




    • Leslie Lawley, M.D.
    • Mary Spraker, M.D.

    General Surgery



  • Bryce Gillespie, M.D. 



    • Allen Beck, M.D.
    • Kevin Budman, M.D.
    • George Hubbard, M.D.
    • Amy Hutchinson, M.D.
    • Scott Lambert, M.D.
    • Phoebe Lenhart, M.D.
    • Vidya, Phoenix, M.D.

    Oral and Maxillofacial

    • Steven Roser, M.D.




  • Orthopaedics



    • Albert Losken, M.D.
    • Gregory Mackay, M.D.