OliviaWhen Olivia was born with severe cleft lip and palate, Kelley, Olivia's mom, decided that to receive the best care possible for her daughter, she would need to travel three hours to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Center for Craniofacial Disorders.

Upon their arrival to the Center, Dr. Michael Granger, Director, Orthodontics, introduced the family to a new device that would dramatically improve the results of Olivia's upcoming surgery. At only one week old, Olivia was fitted with the NAM appliance.

Nasal alveolar molding, or NAM for short, is a new innovative dental procedure that is offered to pediatric patients before cleft lip and palate surgery. NAM, a non-surgical technique, would bring together Olivia's lip and gum by re-directing the forces of natural growth.

According to Kelley, the NAM technique was so instrumental in the success of Olivia's surgery that you can hardly tell there was ever a problem. "My family is amazed at the results that we have seen following Olivia's surgery. I would highly recommend the new NAM device to parents of children with cleft lip and palate," Kelley said.

Olivia before NAM

Before NAM

Olivia with NAM

With NAM

Olivia following surgery

One week following surgery

Months after surgery