Pediatric Neurosurgery Patient Stories and News


Meet Teniyah

After being diagnosed with illnesses ranging from migraines to the flu, she came to Children's where physicians found the real cause: a brain tumor.

Meet Jessica

Jessica fell head first onto a concrete slab and was transported to Children’s in a coma. She underwent an immediate craniotomy. After extensive rehabilitation, she beat the odds and went home.

Meet Jimmy

Jimmy has petit mal seizures, or absence of seizures, that would last a few second and cause him to start off into space. Doctors at Children's removed a benign tumor an inch and a half away from Jimmy's speech center and cured his epilepsy.

Meet Emily

Through hard work in physical therapy at Children’s, Emily is recovering from ataxia and getting another chance to play with her two siblings.

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  • Dr. Brahma shaved his head to raise money for the cure. Learn more about the St. Baldrick's Day event from 11 Alive.

  • Barun Brahma, M.D., Tobey MacDonald, M.D. and researchers from Georgia Tech and Emory University published ground-breaking brain tumor research in Nature. This new treatment approach uses nanotechnology to direct tumor cells outside of the brain where they can be captured and killed. Learn more.