Multidisciplinary Programs & Clinics

Neurologists are actively involved in multispecialty programs and clinics at Children's. This approach enables us to provide a broad continuum of care to our patients. Our multidisciplinary team can treat patients with a variety congenital and acquired neurological conditions.


Concussion Program

We aim to educate the public about the dangers of concussions. Now we are the only Georgia hospital program with concussion materials endorsed by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Epilepsy Center

Our Epilepsy Center is a Level 4 pediatric epilepsy center according to the National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC)—their highest level of designation. Each year, the specially trained staff treats hundreds of patients—nearly 1,000 epilepsy discharges, more than double the national average. We provide neurodiagnostic monitoring, clinical trials, and both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options.