Taylor's Camp Carpe Diem Testimonial

Camp Carpe Diem is the world to me. It changed me greatly in my time of need and I will never forget that. 

It’s a place that no matter your size, your shape, your age, your race and especially your disorder, you aren’t judged. 

It’s a place where you can be who you are and people accept that and love you for it. 

It’s the only place I can speak and feel as though I have truly been heard. Being diagnosed with epilepsy only 2 years ago, I’ve needed to talk about it so that I could accept my disorder and Camp Carpe Diem is the only place where I have been able to do that. 

Take this past summer for example, every night before going to bed we had “Cabin Chat” where my cabin mates and I talked about the things that we struggle with when dealing with epilepsy. Well I was only 15 at the time and I knew that I was to be getting my license in month and it scared me more than anything else because I had a horrible feeling that another seizure would come and ruin that chance for me. My cabin mates were there for me and so were my counselors and they made me regain my confidence that I shouldn’t always live in fear of my epilepsy. 

The best thing about camp though is being able to talk and hang out with people that have the same troubles I do in a fun environment where we can be normal kids. Between the high ropes, swimming, archery, kayaking and laughter we become a family and I never want to leave.  

Camp Carpe Diem gives the chance for kids to do so much that they would be too limited to do otherwise. It’s a place to escape from all the hospitals and doctors, and just enjoy the fact that we are alive and we are kids. 

I love camp and my friends and I talk about it all year long waiting for our next chance to see each other. We’ve become a family and each year I get the chance to meet new people that have the same disorder but deal with it in different ways, and that is what I look forward to. 

Camp Carpe Diem has let me grow and made me feel accepted which has led me to help others that face this disorder. Camp Carpe Diem is truly my home away from home.