Referral Information for Professionals

When to Refer a Patient

Blood pressure in children and adolescents may be labile. If a child has a single elevated blood pressure reading, two additional readings should be taken at different times before diagnosing hypertension. If you are using automated devices to measure blood pressure, Children’s also recommends obtaining manual readings in order to confirm elevated blood pressure readings.

When to consider initiating a referral:

Classification  SBP and/or DBP  When to re-check blood pressure  When to refer 
Normal <90th percentile  Next scheduled physical exam  N/A 
Prehypertension  >= 90th percentile or BP >120/80 mmHg 6 months Refer if BP is still elevated 
Stage 1 hypertension  >= 95-99th percentile 1 to 2 weeks  Within one month if BP is still elevated on two additional readings 
Stage 2 hypertension  >99th percentile plus 5 mmHg  1 weeks  Within one week or immediately if patient is symptomatic 

Download a copy of our Patient Referral for Pediatric Hypertension: A Physician’s Quick Guide.

How to Refer a Patient

  1. Submit a Children’s Hypertension Physician Referral Form
    The referring physician must submit a referral to the hypertension clinic. Include the date or time frame in which the patient needs to be seen. We recommend using our custom referral form:
    • Hypertension Physician Referral Form
    • Fax the Hypertension Referral Form to 404-785-6586
    • Verify patient demographic and insurance information
      Fax documentation of insurance verification and preauthorization of requested services to 404-785-6586. Patients will not be scheduled for an appointment without insurance verification and pre-certification of services from the referring practice.
    • Children’s Hypertension clinic to schedule the appointment
      Once the submitted pre-certification has been authenticated by a Children’s insurance verifier, a representative from Children’s Hypertension program will contact the parent or guardian to confirm the clinic appointment date and time.

    Information Needed for a Referral

    Prior to your patient’s appointment at Children’s Hypertension Program, send us the following:

    • Pertinent blood pressure readings
    • Results from any relevant laboratory studies or other diagnostic tests

    Contact Us

    Call us at 404-785-3607:

    • If you have questions about a patient
    • If you have questions about Children’s Hypertension Program

    Call 404-686-1000 if you would like to speak with Dr. Batisky or the pediatric nephrologist on-call.