Alexis Whitfield

Hi, I’m Alexis! I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 6 years old. When I found out I had diabetes, I went to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. With no diabetes in our family, my mom and dad could not believe that I was diabetic. My parents knew nothing about diabetes and had no idea how to take care of me, but they knew they would have to learn fast in order to get me well quickly. I was treated very well at the hospital and felt happy with the treatment - and the yummy popsicles they gave to me (the food was great, too). 

Having diabetes was a huge learning experience for me and my family. We pricked my finger (many times) to practice taking my blood sugar. We learned how to give insulin and how to operate a pump. We have also learned how to have sleepovers, go to amusement parks, be on the swim team and be involved with cheerleading. Having diabetes is just something we do. Each thing we have learned has made having diabetes a little bit easier. I still do everything all my friends can do, and I am still just a normal kid.

I have great doctors and school nurses, and having a fun diabetic camp to go to at the end of the school year is the perfect way to start my summer. Being with kids who are just like me is such a great experience. We have a lot of fun and yet learn at the same time.

I someday would like to work in the diabetic field, and feel I will have many more learning experiences to share. Being diabetic is just something we deal with, and to me it’s not a big deal, it’s just what we do.