Diabetes Patient Stories

Meet Alexis

With no diabetes in our family, my mom and dad could not believe that I was diabetic. My parents knew nothing about diabetes and had no idea how to take care of me, but they knew they would have to learn fast in order to get me well quickly.

Meet Jason

While Lisa Berg was visiting family in Atlanta for the summer, she started noticing some odd behavior in her then-3-year-old son, Jason. Lisa knew something wasn’t right and her “mommy instincts” took over.

Meet Madison

Before the day I was diagnosed, “wimp” was the word I’d have used to describe myself. I nearly fainted at the sight of blood and needles, and if something tragic happened, the best remedy was cranking up the music and crying.

Meet Owen

Sara and Jonathan Tucker suspected something was wrong when their 8-year-old son, Owen, was drinking more than usual. Having once had a cat with diabetes, they recognized the symptom.

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