What is the ECMO Follow-up Clinic?

In addition to your routine pediatric care we highly recommend that your child be seen in the Emory Developmental Continuity Program. The follow-up program coordinates and provides the special medical care your child may need; identifies any special needs that your child may have; helps you understand your child's growth and development; and helps you find any necessary services for your child as soon as possible. All babies are offered this program. Older children are followed by their pediatricians who monitor your child for medical, developmental, visual, speech or hearing needs.

We want to see your child at three and six months after discharge and again at one year, then every year thereafter. Extra visits may be scheduled depending on your child's individual needs. Your child has a physical exam and a neurodevelopmental exam at every visit. These are done to check the child's progress with sitting, walking and using his arms and legs equally. This also helps us to see how well your child is learning about the world around him. The nurse discharging your child may schedule an appointment for your child. If not, please call the clinic to schedule one. The clinic sends a reminder several weeks before the appointment. You may also receive a call to confirm the appointment.

A summary of each follow-up visit is sent to your doctor or clinic and others involved in your child's care. Remember this program is not to take the place of the care your child would normally receive from your doctor. You should still schedule regular check-ups, shots and sick visits with your pediatrician.

We would like to keep your current address and phone number in our records, so if you move, please let us know as soon as possible.