Treatment and Returning to Activity After A Concussion

Helping Each Child Recover Based on His Individual Needs

Teen playing lacrosse

Each concussion is unique. They do not normally need medical treatment and the symptoms and recovery time differs for each situation. 

Your child’s doctor may keep your child from sports, school or other activities. Depending on how severe the concussion is, treatment may last for days, weeks or months. 

  • Concussions can result in vestibular disorders, which affect balance and movement. We provide rehabilitation tailored to children and teens with these disorders.

Comprehensive Care

Several teams at Children's work together to treat concussion patients. This multidisciplinary approach helps make our program unique. Services include:

Coordinated Care

Our dedicated concussion nurse helps coordinate each child's care, and serves as a resource for health care professionals. Our team works with each child’s primary care doctor to develop the best possible plan of care.