Georgia Concussion Bill Passed

Take Note of Changes to Georgia's Concussion Laws

Concussion bill signingIn April 2013, at our Scottish Rite hospital, the governor signed the Return to Play Act of 2013 into law.

The law includes developing return to play policies for young athletes who get a concussion and educating parents on the risks of concussions.



What does this mean for me?

  • Public and Private Schools

      For coaches and schoolsAll public and private schools are required to create a concussion policy that, at a minimum, includes these standards:

      - Prior to the beginning of each athletic season, an information sheet which informs parents or legal guardians of the risk of concussions must be provided.

      - If a youth athlete participating in a youth athletic activity exhibits symptoms of a concussion, they must be removed from play.

      - Before a youth athlete can return to play, they must be cleared by a healthcare provider trained in the management of concussions.

  • Public Recreational Leagues

      For coaches and schoolsAll public recreational leagues are required to:

      - Provide an information sheet to all youth athletes’ parents or legal guardians informing them of the risks of concussions.