Pediatric Cerebral Palsy Patient Stories

When children are diagnosed with a life-long condition like cerebral palsy, dreams for the future are often put on hold. It can be a scary time, which is why we share these stories of hope about patients who are now living happy, healthy lives.


Meet Matthew

Matthew Dooley has been a regular patient of Children's for most of his life, and has grown comfortable enough with his doctors to make some unusual requests. Most recently, skydiving has topped the list.

Meet Kaleb

Kaleb was born four weeks premature after his mom was in a car accident. He suffered from lack of oxygen and partial brain damage, but has been clearing hurdles ever since.

Meet Luke

Luke was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age two. With the help of Children's Neuropyschology team and lots of hard work, Luke has graduated high school and is off to college.

Meet Valerie

Valerie, a 15-year-old cross country and track and field runner, hasn't let cerebral palsy slow her down. But she has been through various forms of rehabilitation because of the condition.