Clinical trials

The Aflac Cancer Center is committed to research by giving our patients access to the latest treatments for childhood cancer and blood disorders. 

What does this data mean?

This graph shows the number of patients enrolled in a therapeutic clinical trial in 2014 by study type. The Aflac Cancer Center is one of the nation’s leading childhood cancer and blood disorders centers for clinical trials enrollment.

Why is this important?

Advancements in curing childhood cancer and blood disorders are the result of research. The Aflac Cancer Center leads and participates in hundreds of national clinical trials.

 How does the Aflac Cancer Center help ensure we are providing high-quality care?

  • All of our cancer and blood disorders doctors are researchers, too.
  • Every patient treated at the Aflac Cancer Center is evaluated for participation in a clinical trial.
  • Our doctors are always looking for ways to use their research to improve care for our patients.
  • We are one of the national leaders for clinical trial enrollment in the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) studies.
  • We have a growing research program—in 2014, we had 124 patients on therapeutic clinical trials, including 45 for Phase I and Phase II trials.
  • We are home to a robust Innovative Therapy Program, giving our patients access to some of the newest treatments.