Using What She Knows

Trisha Henry parlayed her experience with cancer into a career as a medical producer working for Sanjay Gupta, M.D., at CNN—and brought her health journey full circle.

Trisha, a scholarship swimmer at the University of Illinois, was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation at Egleston hospital when the 1996 Summer Olympics came to Atlanta. Ever determined to be a normal young woman, she took the opportunity to volunteer as part of the equipment crew at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center. During the 100-meter freestyle, her friend Angel Martino won the bronze—and immediately presented it to Trisha.

The gesture attracted national media attention. Trisha ended up on the Today Show with Katie Couric, where, she said, she realized journalism could be used to tell positive, inspirational stories. She immediately switched majors at college.

Her first story as part of CNN’s medical unit? Discussing the bone marrow registry at Egleston.

Photo credit: Jeremy Freeman/CNN.