Meet Gus

Written by Matt Pearl
See Gus' video on 11Alive Atlanta

It's just a video of a boy's first steps—until you learn these are his second first steps.

Gus Carrasquillo is just 3 years old, but his life hasn't been the same since a discovery at age 2.

"Our doctor came in and said they found a golf ball-sized tumor in the back of his head," said Gus' mother, Erin Carrasquillo.

The diagnosis: brain cancer. Doctors removed the tumor, but with it went functions and senses no one ever thinks their child will lose.

"He lost his ability to walk, talk, swallow, see," Erin said. "It was so much that you're dealing with, and it's so hard."

What Gus has been through in the past year would test people 10 times his age: six rounds of chemotherapy and countless visits to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta hospitals. But gradually, Gus regained what he had lost.

It started with sight, then the ability to eat and talk. But the walking never came, until exactly one year after Gus' diagnosis.

"He came and he told me, 'Mommy, I'm gonna walk,'" Erin said. "And then I said, 'OK, so let's do it.' And he just did it."