Infant Speech Study

What is this study about?

Problems with communication are one of the core features of ASD, beginning within the first year of life. Research suggests that social engagement with caregivers in early infancy is one of the key factors mediating the development of speech.

Project II will map out the development of vocal engagement in autism during the first two years of life, and together with Project I will test whether social engagement in infancy predicts speech and language outcomes. Call 404-785-7600 or email to join.

Want to join?

We need pregnant moms, or moms who have a baby younger than 3 months old and an older biological child who is:

  • Diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)or
  • Typically developing with no family history of ASDs

If so, your baby may be eligible for this study at Marcus Autism Center. Call 404-785-7600 or to join.