Patient and Family Satisfaction Outcomes

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  • Overall rating of care given at this hospital
  • Likelihood of your recommending this hospital to others

Why is patient and family satisfaction important?

Your happiness is very important to us. Once your child leaves the hospital, we will ask you to do a quick survey about your experiences. We want to know if your child's doctors spent enough time with you, and if your whole family was treated with respect and kindness.

Patient surveys show that we score above the national average. We are pleased to know that our families are happy with the care they received at Children's.

Why do we measure patient and family satisfaction?

We always work to improve the care we give and everything that affects it. Survey responses help us figure out how to improve, create new goals and keep an eye on our progress.

How do we track patient and family satisfaction?

Children's uses NRC Picker, an independent company, to measure patient satisfaction. NRC Picker sends our families a survey within five days after patients leave the hospital.

NRC Picker survey questions are based on extensive research about what matters most to patients in a healthcare experience. For the two questions we display above, families are asked to rate the hospital experience on a scale of 0-10 (with 10 being the best). They also answer whether they would recommend the hospital to friends and family.

We compare our patient satisfaction scores to the scores of other hospitals across the country. Other pediatric hospitals' scores are shown above as the "National Average."