Infection Prevention

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It's a fact: some sick children are contagious. Children who get an infection while in the hospital are more likely to stay sick longer and spend more days in the hospital. We take extra steps to control infections from spreading to everyone at Children's, healthy or sick.

We have a team of highly trained, nationally certified infection prevention specialists who work with our staff to help make visits to Children’s as safe as possible. Our infection prevention rates show how we are among the best healthcare providers in the nation.



    Culture of Support: The president and CEO of an Atlanta children’s hospital champions infection prevention initiatives—with impressive results. (As published in Prevention Strategist, a publication of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC), Autumn 2011.)


Infection Prevention Programs

Children's has received several infection prevention awards due to our successful programs, including:

Dress to Protect
Coughing, sneezing and contaminated clothing can give your child an infection. The Dress to Protect program gives protective clothing, like masks, gloves and gowns to everyone to wear in areas where infection is present. This keeps germs from spreading outside isolation areas.

Children's staff must have current immunizations. Your child can also get routine immunizations during his visit. Ask your child's doctor or nurse for more information.

Speak UP
We encourage doctors, nurses, staff, patients and families to tell us about any and all concerns.