Events at The Zone

The Zone is a great place to hold events for patients and families in the hospital. Planned events are fun distractions that give patients something new and exciting to look forward to. Events can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, and can be as simple or creative as you want.

Host an event

Here are some examples and ideas:

  • Arts and crafts parties
  • Canvas painting
  • T-shirt painting
  • Holiday parties
  • Themed parties
  • Cooking classes/events
  • Teen activities
  • Parents Night Out
  • Mother-daughter makeovers

Sponsor an event

Sponsoring an event means that you will donate the funds needed for the activity, but you will not have to be there yourself. One example of a sponsored event is donating a visit from Zoo Atlanta’s Zoo Mobile. For more ideas and information on sponsoring events, contact us.

Event requirements

  1. A representative from the group must complete a site visit at least 10 days prior to the event.
  2. Please bring all supplies needed for the event/activity. (We can only provide crayons, markers, construction paper, paint, glue and scissors). Many groups like to order party supplies from Oriental Trading.
  3. Limit the number of volunteers in your group to 8 to 12 people.
  4. Make sure everyone in your group is at least 18 years old and free of any flu or cold-like symptoms.
  5. Plan to bring enough supplies for about 25 to 30 kids.
  6. Bring at least three activities appropriate for a variety of ages and abilities.
  7. Dress comfortably and appropriately (avoid shorts, tank tops and sandals).
  8. Arrive 30 minutes early to allow time for parking and set up. Car pool if you can.

Event restrictions

  1. Do not bring any loose glitter.
  2. Please do not bring anything with latex due to allergies – choose mylar instead.
  3. Activities must comply with Children’s nondenominational policy – please do not bring any religious or political subject matter.
  4. Please do not give patients or families any personal contact information.
  5. Please do not ask patients and families any personal information.
  6. Please do not post pictures or videos to any personal social media websites or pages, such as Facebook or Twitter. Photos can only be posted to corporate sites and the patient must have a Children’s photo consent form filled out.

For more information, contact us.