Family-Centered Care

Hope and Will with a family

We know there is more to treating a child than just superior clinical care. At Children’s, we treat the whole child—and the whole family—by caring for their mental, developmental, spiritual and emotional needs. The focus of the caregiver team is on the impact of chronic disorders and easing the pressure on patients, siblings and parents while in the hospital and after they have returned home.

As a result, Children’s offers:

  • 24-hour family visitation, including the Intensive Care Units
  • In-hospital playrooms so children can enjoy time with siblings and other children
  • In-room sleeping sofas so a parent can always be close
  • Local accommodations through the Mason House and Ronald McDonald houses for extended stays
  • Sleep rooms, showers, business centers and other in-hospital amenities for family members
  • Children's is Dedicated to All BetterEvents and camps that give patients a chance to do the things other children do—such as swimming, arts and crafts, and team sports
  • Programs that give teenagers opportunities to discuss issues and socialize with other teens 
  • Interactive, closed-circuit children’s TV programs
  • Family support groups for many specialties, including asthma, cancer and blood disorders, cardiac, diabetes and transplant
  • An accredited hospital-based school program that helps children complete school assignments and keep up with classes 
  • The Big Apple Circus Clown Care SM Unit, which administers a healthy dose of laughter to patients, families and visitors

Dedicated Team

Our dedication to family-centered care means parents become partners in their child’s healing. Families are supported by a multidisciplinary team that includes:

  • Legal Services for Patients and Families

      Health Law Partnership (HeLP) provides free, direct legal services to low-income children and their families (at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level).

      HeLp is a community collaboration of Georgia State University College of Law, The Atlanta Legal Aid Society and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

      HeLP believes that by combining the health care expertise of hospital professionals with the legal expertise of attorneys, we can provide a service to address the legal, policy, and ethical issues that affect children’s health.

      Onsite legal clinics are located at Children’s at Egleston and Children’s at Scottish Rite.

      For More Information

      Download the PDF (en Español)
      Visit the HeLP site
      Ask a social worker at Children’s or call 404-785-2005