Teaching is enhanced by a highly organized curriculum compromising a variety of conferences and seminars are offered throughout the year.

Daily Conferences

  • Multidisciplinary Inpatient Care Rounds

Weekly Conferences

  • Practical Nephropathology Course for Nephrology Fellows (first year)
  • Emory Adult Nephrology Grand Rounds
  • Pediatric Departmental Grand Rounds
  • Emory Transplant Conference

Monthly Conferences

  • Pediatric Nephrology Renal Pathology Conference
  • Pediatric Nephrology Journal Club
  • Pediatric Nephrology Invitee Conference
  • Pediatric Nephrology Orientation and Core Curriculum Course
  • Multidisciplinary Pediatric Renal Transplant Patient Care Conference
  • Multidisciplinary Patient Care Dialysis Conference
  • Combined Urology and Nephrology Conference

Quarterly Conferences

  • Research in Progress Seminar 
  • Combined Rheumatology and Nephrology Journal Club