Diabetes Research

In collaboration with Emory University School of Medicine, we are recognized as one of the premiere academic programs in the Southeast. We are based upon a foundation of cutting edge treatment, compassionate care and family partnership.  

A seamless collaboration has been forged between inpatient and outpatient services in the areas of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, endocrine and growth disorders, metabolic imbalances, and growth and sexual development disorders.

We have received national American Diabetes Association credentialing as a pediatric diabetes center. Additionally, we have been involved extensively with local, national and international collaborative research endeavors. These efforts span the entire spectrum from observation, early disease recognition and prevention, to treatment, and publications from local, national and international research collaborations (examples: TrialNet, TIDAL, GeNeSIS, Retain).

With more than 400 newly diagnosed children with type 1 diabetes annually, we are pleased to offer the following cutting-edge clinical trials:

Other Active Research Areas

  • Type 2 Pediatric Diabetes Trials 
  • Pediatric Growth Hormone Trials 
  • Pediatric Obesity and prevention 
  • Quality Improvement Initiatives 
  • Role of Mobile Health Device in chronic care 


For more information about Type 1 Diabetes Trials, call 404-785-T1DM (8136) or email Type1Diabetes@emory.edu.