Helmet Safety

5 Tips for Helmet Safety

Whether riding a bike, scooter or skateboard, all children and teens should wear a helmet when riding—even short distances.

  1. The front edge of the helmet should be two finger widths above the eyebrows. If it’s too far forward, the helmet could block your child’s vision; if it’s too far back, your child might not be protected properly.
  2. The helmet should be snug and not slide around once it’s put in place. Try adjusting the straps.
  3. The front and back straps should form a V just below your child’s ear.
  4. The front straps should be vertical and slightly in front of the ears. The rear straps should be more horizontal and behind the ear.
  5. When you open your mouth, the chin strap should be snug. When your mouth is closed, one finger should be able to fit between your chin and the chin strap.

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