About Our Services

We understand you want to be certain your child is receiving the best possible treatment available anywhere in the country. Second opinions can help provide the information you need to make an informed decision about the treatment for your child.

Benefits of a second opinion

Second opinions can provide reassurance to your family by confirming the treatment plan suggested by your child’s doctor. They can also, at times, give you alternative treatment options.

Our second opinion services

On-site/in-person meeting

Families are welcome to schedule an appointment at the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center to meet with our medical experts in-person.

Remote second opinion

We recognize not all families have the time and/or resources to travel for second opinions. With a remote second opinion, you can speak directly to one of our physician experts on the phone.

During a remote second opinion, our doctor will:

  • Review the details of your child’s case
  • Answer any questions
  • Provide a comprehensive summary report you can share with your child’s doctor

Step 1: Download and complete the following forms

  • Second opinion consent form
  • Credit card authorization form
  • Waiver form

Step 2: Provide your child’s medical history
In order to best serve you and your family, we encourage you to gather as much of the following information as possible about your child:

  • Diagnosis
  • Current/past treatment plan (if applicable)
  • Symptoms
  • Clinic notes and lab reports (such as progress notes, lab results, radiology reports and pathology reports)
  • Scans (ex. X-rays, MRI, CT, PET)
  • Primary care physician (doctor’s name, practice, address and phone)
  • Referring physician (doctor’s name, practice, address and phone)

Step 3: Mail your child’s information to us

Mail all materials from step 1 and 2 to:

Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Attention: Anokhi Desai
1547 Clifton Road, Floor 3
Atlanta, GA 30322

Step 4: We review your child’s medical information
Once we receive your packet in the mail, our team will thoroughly review your child’s information. After review, one of our physicians will write a comprehensive summary report that will include:

  • Confirmation or difference of opinion regarding your child’s diagnosis
  • Our recommendation

You will receive a copy of the report.

Step 5: Phone call between you and one of our physicians
After completing your child’s summary report, one of our physicians will call you to review the report. At this time, you can discuss any questions you may have.

Physician-to-physician consultation

Your child’s doctor may speak with one of our physicians on the phone.

If you are interested in getting a second opinion for your child, we believe it is important to seek a doctor who is specially trained in caring for children and who has expertise in treating the specific type of cancer or blood disorder you have been told your child has.