Jenna Dance Rehab ClassesA Determined Tiny Dancer

A fall at day care left baby Jenna with serious damage to her spinal cord. 

Now at almost 5 years old, she's exceeding expectations and enjoying rehab dance classes.

See our blog for Jenna's story.


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Announcing Our Next Comeback Athlete: Sam

For years, a brain tumor and epilepsy made school and basketball difficult, but they didn’t keep Sam off the court. Then, brain surgeries at Children’s helped him take his game to the next level.

Congenital Heart Center of Georgia Children’s and Emory Healthcare are partnering to launch the Congenital Heart Center of Georgia (CHCG), a comprehensive program for children and adults with congenital heart defects.

Blog: Meet Hope and Will the Puppies

In honor of helping to pioneer animal-assisted therapy for kids, our friends at Canine Assistants named two golden retriever puppies after our hospital mascots. Read more about Hope and Will.

Children's Stories

Morgan Fleming playing soccerMeet Morgan. This competitive soccer player tore her ACL during a game, but came back stronger.

Christopher AbramsMeet Christopher. After two late-term miscarriages, the Abrams learned their new baby was at risk. 

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