Fundraiser Project Ideas

This list of project ideas may inspire your group to think of ways to creatively support Children’s. Once you have decided on your fundraiser, the Friends staff at Children’s will help you get started.

  • Dinner with Friends
    Host a dinner party for friends, asking each couple to bring a check for Children’s in the amount it would have cost them to go out for dinner. Even an intimate dinner party can raise important funds to help Children’s.
  • Kids Can Help Kids, Too
    Encourage your children to do around-the-house chores or manage a lemonade stand to raise money for Children’s. Another fun way to teach children the importance of giving back is the annual Coins for Clowns community-wide fundraiser for Children's. 
  • Sporting Activities
    Athletic fundraisers are great ways to raise money for Children's. Consider organizing a run or cycling event, tennis tournament, fishing event, walk-a-thon or any number of ideas that engage sporting enthusiasts.
  • Another Person’s Treasure Party
    Invite friends to go through their closets to get rid of unwanted clothes, household items, toys and jewelry. Each attendee brings the items with price tags to the party, and when attendees purchase each other’s items, the proceeds benefit Children’s.
  • Unwrapping Help for Children’s
    Rather than asking for birthday or other special occasion gifts, invite party guests to bring a check for Children’s. Even while having a fun celebration, attendees know they are helping young patients.
  • Golf Tournaments
    Gather a foursome (or sell out the whole course for a golf tournament) and raise funds for Children’s. No matter how big or small your game or tournament, golf is a great way to raise awareness and donations for Children’s.
  • What’s on the Menu
    Partner with a restaurant or local store and guarantee a number of attendees by pre-selling tickets or reservations in exchange for a portion of the event’s proceeds or gratuities are donated to Children’s.
  • Strength in Numbers
    Think of fundraising activities for groups that are already established such as knitting groups, scrapbooking groups or book clubs. Incorporate a fundraising activity that the group can do together at a regularly scheduled meeting or gathering. Selling knitted items or scrapbooks can be fun ways to use talents to help Children’s.
  • Wine and Cheese Tasting
    Invite each attendee to bring two bottles of wine, one in a brown paper bag and one to serve at the event. During the event, attendees try their luck in bidding on “secret” bottles of wine. With each attendee providing the wine to serve and pairing it with cheese and light hors d'oeuvres, the event will not be expensive to host.
  • Touchdown for Children’s
    At your next tailgating bash, ask each guest to donate $10 at the door and drop their name in a hat. At halftime, a name is drawn to receive half of the pot. The other half will be donated to Children’s.
  • Decorate or Undecorate Christmas Trees
    Charge a set price to decorate Christmas trees before the holidays or remove decorations from Christmas trees after the holidays. Charge an extra fee to remove the tree from the house.
  • Community Yard Sales
    Invite several neighbors or friends to set up tables for a community yard sale with proceeds to benefit Children’s.
  • And so much more... 
    Tennis tournaments, neighborhood fun runs, casino nights, wine tastings, Texas Hold'em tournaments, supper clubs, classroom/school groups, sporting achievements, and just about anything you can think of is appreciated when it benefits the young patients at Children's.